Creator: Francisca Oyhanarte

NFT Supply: 88



Francisca's Genesis NFT collection of 88 Androgynous. This collection was created with paper cut-outs and assembled digitally. 
When you buy this Artwork, you will receive a random digital avatar from the 88 Androgynous collection.
All the avatars are 1/1s and come with a claimable 14" x 14" physical print.


About the drop

Androgynous should be celebrated and embraced, as it is an unbiased way for an individual to identify with one's self. It is the flow between the opposites. The concept of merging into oneness.

 Androgyny refers to a unity of the sexes - 'andr'' (male), and ''gynos'' (female). It is the sacred marriage between the masculine principle (Sun) and the feminine principle (Moon) which produces the "Divine Androgyne”; a representation of Alchemical beliefs in dualism, transformation, and the transcendental perfection of the cosmic unity.

88 Unique Androgynous

Francisca created these 88 Androgynous with paper cut-outs and assembled them digitally. She used Pranic Healing techniques to energize them in order to bring positive and healing effects.
By collecting an Androgynous NFT, you can claim the physical artwork.
If you are lucky when minting, you will get to collect one of the four animated Androgynous!

About the creator

Francisca Oyhanarte is a Miami-based multidisciplinary artist and Pranic Healer. She translates the sounds and visions of her journey into artistic works that mutate into analog and digital mediums.

Francisca creates healing energy waves and produces visionary and uplifting effects on those who witness her experiments; transporting viewers to an alternate universe filled with light, color, music and the surreal creations of her imagination.



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Inspired by Francisca's collection.


NFT Utility


Airdrop of a Decentraland Avatar


Airdrop of a Decentraland Avatar


Redeem physical artwork for free (excl. shipping costs)

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