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Francisca Oyhanarte


Francisca Oyhanarte is a multidisciplinary artist born in Argentina and based in Miami. She works with scissors, creating unique and surreal artworks using multi-colored paper and magic spells to assure the intention of the piece. Francisca elevates and activates the chakras through color, creating healing energy waves and producing visionary and uplifting effects on those who witness her experiments.

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Lacuna Studios

December 2022

Lacuna Studios is a multi-disciplinary Art Direction platform specialized in the creation of unique aesthetic experiences. Founded in 2019 by Lars Moereels, the studio adopts a 360° vision in photography, video, graphic design, music, fashion, installation and print for both personal and commissioned works. It has collaborated with Art Basel, Vogue, Sony, EastPak, Oakley, High Snobiety, Moncler, Crocs and many more!

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